Used Equipment Finance

Create more value for your business with used equipment financing solutions.

Offer financing options your customers need

Grow your business with used equipment financing solutions. Give your customers the financing options they need to acquire the used equipment they want. With DLL, you can meet your customers’ specialized product and budgeting needs while creating second- and third-life revenue streams for your business.

Strengthen your business value

Meet the demands of more customers

Deliver a financing solution many banks can’t offer

Become a one-stop shop for equipment and financing

Discover finance solutions that set you apart

Differentiate your business with financing options that align payments with cash flow. Choose from a wide range of solutions tailored to your industry, products and price points.

  • Pay-to-own finance agreements
  • Fair market value leases

We say “yes” while other lenders say “no”

Many traditional banks and lenders are not willing to take on the risk of financing used equipment. DLL is here for you. We know your business and the equipment you sell—and can structure competitive financing programs for both new and used equipment.

Stand out with the advantages

For your business

  • Build new opportunities with used equipment programs
  • Accelerate the sales process
  • Reduce negotiations and price-cutting
  • Close sales faster with digital tools
  • Meet unique customer demands
  • Create an environmentally friendly solution
  • Drive sales as a one-stop shop for equipment and financing
  • Increase customer retention

For your customers

  • Meet specialized product and budgeting needs
  • Offer payment flexibility
  • Promote a fast and easy digital sales process
  • Ensure little impact to credit lines
  • Deliver quick credit approvals
  • Provide one-stop shop convenience for equipment and financing

Close more business faster and smarter

Enhance each step of the sales process with cutting-edge mobile apps, online pricing tools and the electronic signature app. Leverage DLL's innovative digital tools to streamline the way you do business.

Extend the life of the equipment you offer

Gain a strategic partner in developing refurbishment and remarketing programs that focus on equipment reuse and create a more powerful revenue model. We support your needs throughout the entire equipment life cycle.

Feel confident with a global finance leader

With 50 years of experience, DLL understands the unique needs of our partners around the world—and offers proven solutions to help businesses thrive.